Why CSS is Important?

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What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a style sheet language that is used to describe the presentation of Web pages written in a Markup language. CSS is used with HTML to change the style of web pages and user interfaces. CSS allows us to change the size, style, font, colour of text, background colours, border styles and many more. It provides additional features to HTML. CSS is easy to learn and understand. Since HTML is a markup language and CSS emphasizes style, they go hand in hand together.


Why CSS is Important?

CSS is very important for us because it controls all design-related aspects of the website. If you have the proper knowledge of CSS you can do anything we want on our Website. Benefits of CSS, including:

Faster Page Speed
More code means slower page speed. CSS enables you to use less code. CSS allows you to use one CSS rule and apply it to all HTML documents.

Improves Website Presentation
CSS is much easier than plain HTML, web developers can create different looks for each page and have greater control over the layout allowing them to make precise section-wise changes.

Saves a lot of time
It is possible to change the entire website by changing just one file because CSS style definitions are saved in external CSS files.

Better User Experience
CSS not only makes web pages easy, but it also allows user-friendly formatting.

Easy Formatting Changes
If you want to change the format of a specific set of pages, it’s easy to do so with CSS. No need to fix every individual page. Just edit the corresponding CSS style sheet and we will see changes applied to all the pages that are using that style sheet.

Compatibility across Devices
Whether it is mobile or tablet, desktop or smart TV, CSS combines with HTML to make responsive design possible.


Who should learn?

CSS is perfect for everyone who wants to build their site (e.g., blog, portfolio, eCommerce). It’s also an ideal starting place for someone looking to become a designer. If you’re a graphic designer or aspiring to be one, having CSS skills under your belt is a huge advantage when it comes to the job market.


Career in CSS

CSS is one of the most important requirements that interviewers normally search on a web designer profile. A career in CSS is always a fabulous option for any application developer from the first day onwards.



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