What Is WordPress Managed Hosting? (Advantages, Disadvantages & FAQs)

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Since your WordPress website is an important asset for your business, you’ll need to take every precaution to keep it safe, fully functional, and under your control. WordPress Managed hosting may assist if you’re looking for such a solution, but it isn’t an all-in-one solution. In this post, we’ll go into detail about managed WordPress hosting, what WordPress managed hosting providers are best, Is it worth the money, and factors you should consider while selecting a hosting provider (plus a few recommendations to finish).


What Is A WordPress Managed Hosting?

Nowadays, several Content Management Systems (CMS) are available, but WordPress Managed Hosting is still the market leader. According to conservative estimates, WordPress supports at least 30% of all websites worldwide. Why do many people like WordPress, then? Since it has developed into the ultimate platform where you can publish almost anything you want, it is more than simply a CMS. 

With WordPress, you can create everything from a simple blog to a complex media website, an online store to a huge portfolio. While you are probably acquainted with WordPress, but you may be unfamiliar with WordPress Hosting or WordPress Managed Hosting. So, what is WordPress Hosting? And, What is WordPress Managed Hosting, exactly? They are regarded as being the same in all respects. Both names suggest that the hosting company handles and manage the technical requirements of operating WordPress.

The majority of the hosting packages that are purchasable today are termed as managed hosting, to somewhat. Why? Because maintaining a website requires a lot more work than you would think. It’s easy to create a WordPress website, but how many people have the ability to write Nginx files and/or make OS modifications to their own servers over SSH?

All websites are hosted on computers because computers contain memory, processors, hard drives, ports for handling internet traffic, and other components. These components all need operating system maintenance. The operating system must be fixed and resolved easily if the OS contains a bug. Suppose malware or any virus has penetrated the system. In that case, it must be removed immediately — and that’s only brushing the surface of all the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep your website running.

Today, almost all hosts provide this degree of management. It’s really in their best interests to do so. Most users have almost no need to govern any low-level hosting infrastructure of their website; in fact, if they were given the option to do so, it is quite probable that they would soon create a mess of things. This would result in their website going offline, as well as the hosting provider would probably take the responsibility and be in charge of getting everything back up and running. You also must take a backup of your website.

To put it another way, by maintaining the server for yourself, hosts can accomplish two goals simultaneously: they protect you from making mistakes while also protecting themselves from receiving overwhelming support complaints.

WordPress Managed Hosting is a form of hosting solution that gives your WordPress site access to more effective technology to ensure that it is both quick and safe. These companies handle a variety of hosting-related tasks, including WordPress updates, vulnerability assessments, and backups. 

Additionally, they provide exceptional customer care and resolve your issues as soon as they can. A managed host simply encourages you to focus on your company while they handle the technical matters. You should be aware that all these services are more costly than shared hosting. A WordPress Managed Hosting package typically costs $16.95 or less per month.

WordPress Managed Hosting plans provide the sort of application-level management services. Features are going to be:

  • Caching on the server.
  • automatic daily site backups
  • WordPress core upgrades.
  • Migrations of websites.
  • Enhancing Security.
  • Malware detection.
  • Integrated SSL
  • The capacity to rapidly and simply establish staging areas.
  • There are many more (we’ll go over more of them momentarily). 


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of WordPress Managed Hosting?

Advantages Of WordPress Managed Hosting

1: WordPress Web Server Are Optimized.

Every WordPress Managed Hosting provider will claim that their servers are optimized for WordPress. This could be partially true, but we wouldn’t go overboard and make this the primary justification for choosing a best-WordPress managed hosting server.

WordPress is compatible with any modern hosting configurations that have a database engine and PHP; thus, it can operate on any web server.

In other terms, WordPress doesn’t need any distinct server configurations to function effectively.

WordPress Managed hosts frequently provide more advanced server configuration settings overall, including more efficacious hardware (occasionally hosted by external providers, such as Google Cloud), present server software, such as Nginx, the most recent versions of PHP, and effective VPS configurations.


2: Better Performance And Quick Speed.

WordPress Managed Hosting offers higher uptime and loads pages quicker than shared hosting, which divides bandwidth across all customers. This indicates that you have the absolute right to use the speed that is being provided to its fullest. Consequently, your website will function consistently, and you won’t need to worry about visitor criticisms (regarding server speed). Furthermore, a speedy website will reduce page load times by a few seconds, which is a significant amount by today’s standards.

You will experience significant benefits from using managed WordPress hosting since they are proficient at optimizing the server depending on the types of plugins and themes active on your website. Additionally, WordPress-managed hosting companies provide speed upgrades like a CDN, global server locations, and even technologies for instant scalability.


3: Has A Better User Interface And Therefore Is Easier To Use.

User panels could be perplexing. Even if your current server provides the industry-standard cPanel or Plesk, learning how to utilize it efficiently will take a while.

In this situation, WordPress Managed Hosting is useful. You have access to your own personalized user panels from the majority of hosts that provide managed plans. These panels provide you rapid access to the functions and operations you’re most likely to use and are often simpler to operate.


4: More Security.

For both you and your visitors, your website’s privacy is crucial.

The hackers also improved as technology developed. Although using a WordPress Managed Hosting server isn’t always the best option to secure your website, you will have access to its built-in security features.

Although shared hosting often offers malware checks, providers usually don’t give any assistance if your website is attacked or if you encounter any virus functionality. The same is true for dedicated servers and VPS hosting. If your WordPress website gets hacked, you will be responsible. Many WordPress Managed hosting companies provide assistance in such circumstances and have malware protection systems.

In reality, the ability to eliminate malware is the most distinguishing safety measure of a managed server. Usually, the support staff of a WordPress Managed Hosting server can assist you in cleaning up your website if it is hacked. Moreover, they provide nightly backups of your website, allowing you to easily restore it in the circumstance of a problem.


5: Simple SSL Certificate Integration.

A website must first install an SSL Certificate on its web server to establish a safe connection with browsers. Once a secured connection has been established, all web interactions between the web server and web browsers will be protected. Additionally, adding an SSL certificate to your website has never been so simple, but thanks to WordPress Managed Hosting.

Installing an SSL certificate often requires a significant amount of back-and-forth interaction between your hosting provider and the certification supplier. This is necessary for the installation of the certificate. This process merely takes only a few clicks while using a managed WordPress server. Thus, WordPress Managed hosting has been crucial in making SSL certifications widely available and simple to install for all website owners. A managed hosting company will assist you in setting up an advanced SSL certificate even if you require one.


6: Automatic Frequent Backups.

Can you imagine maintaining your website for a few months or even a year? Then, suddenly, it crashes for no apparent reason? If you do not have any backups, your only option when something like this occurs is to begin anew from the beginning. Daily or Weekly automatic backups are a common feature of WordPress Managed hosting services and are always included at little additional cost. 

In the situation, when your website has technical errors, you will still be able to immediately restore the most current version of your website only if you have backups functionality. It stores the most recent version of your website and keeps it for use in an emergency. All of this is possible because your website is automatically and periodically backed up by the WordPress Managed Hosting providers you choose. Backups are also offered with shared hosting; however, most do not provide regular backups.


7: Assistance From WordPress Specialists.

You will not only get answers and help for the normal hosting-related difficulties but also a professional and experienced workforce that understands all there is to know about WordPress and, therefore, can assist you with solutions to your problems associated with the platform.

A WordPress Managed hosting provider will have more knowledgeable staff members who can assist you with various WordPress issues because their primary focus is on a single platform. We are not stating that you cannot receive great assistance with other kinds of hosting; however, the advantages you receive while dealing with a firm that is well knowledgeable about WordPress are a little bit better. Additionally, managed hosting providers highly value their customer assistance, so you’ll discover options like round-the-clock chat, community forums, and ticketing systems. 


Disadvantages Of WordPress Managed Hosting

1: Costly Service.

It is a big disadvantage of managed hosting. Compared to shared hosting, managed hosting is much more pricey. While managed hosting costs you $20 to $30 per month for the most basic package whereas, shared hosting offers services for approximately $10 per month. Moreover, if you want additional services like more storage space or quicker speed, you will need to pay more.

If you can afford such services, that’s excellent since the cost is reasonable considering the benefits. However, these services are typically quite costly for beginners who’ve just created their websites and aren’t yet making any profit. In such circumstances, it is preferable to start with shared hosting solutions. However, if you’re on a limited budget, saving money sooner and then spending on moving hosts once you can comfortably afford to do so is a useful strategy.


2: Storage Space Is Often Limited.

If you go through the settings, you’ll see that WordPress Managed Hosting providers usually offer limited disc space.

For reference, the entry-level shared hosting plan costs you nearly $4.99 per month and includes 40GB of SSD storage space. At Bluehost, they offer $2.95 a month and 50 GB of SSD storage.

For those interested in managed services, Siteground offers 40 GB for $11 per month, Kinsta offers 10GB for $30 per month, and WP Engine offers 10GB for $20.

Finally, if your website contains certain huge files (generally large media (audio and images) resources), you might experience issues with less storage.


3: Minimal Adaptability With Plugins.

Plugins are extremely popular among users because they provide your website with more functionality. But the unfortunate reality is that many WordPress Managed hosting avoid using specific plugins. Since some plugins are freely available or developed by a third party, many managed hosting companies may restrict their access.

This is mostly because of security and performance issues. To emphasize the significance of your site’s security, the host will prevent anything that is considered a danger of any type. This could lead to restrictions on crucial plugins which some clients use, such as some cache plugins.


4: Neither Provides Email Nor Domains.

A professional website requires a domain name and an email address, just like the hosting. Usually, the majority of managed hosting companies don’t provide these services. As a result, we will need to deal with another firm for those.

This is particularly important if you want an inexpensive web hosting server that can host a domain and the emails associated with that domain. However, it’s not really necessary if you currently store your emails with a respectable third-party provider like G-Suite, Zoho, etc. However, this disadvantage highlights the fact that WordPress Managed hosting is completely devoted to WordPress solutions. 


Top WordPress Managed Hosting Providers

1: Hostinger:

Hostinger has the most reliable WordPress Managed Hosting plan at reasonable pricing. Its WordPress Hosting Plan starts from $1.99/month for the 1st year and then $3.99/month for the next year. While evaluating Hostinger’s WordPress Managed Hosting, we like how user-friendly and appealing it is. The dashboard, guided setup, and simple interface make it simple to use, even for those who have never used it before.

  • Has Lightning-Fast Performance
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • WordPress Update
  • 24*7*365 WordPress Support
  • Automated Backups


2: BlueHost:

Bluehost is one of the world’s most well-known WordPress Managed hosting providers, particularly among those building their business websites. Maintaining a website is simple because of its affordable prices and user-friendly platform. They provide live chat and call assistance around-the-clock if you run into trouble or get stuck. You may contact them in a couple of clicks by using the contact form on their website, which also includes a live chat option.

  • Create Unlimited Website
  • No Traffic Limits
  • Wp Auto Updates
  • 24×7 WordPress Managed Support
  • Unlimited Web Storage


3: Siteground:

If you’re going to use WordPress, your website must load quickly and be secure enough to keep visitors on it. Since WordPress is the most popular platform for hosting websites globally, WordPress sites often encounter hacker attempts. But if you use SiteGround, you won’t have to worry about either performance or security at all.

SiteGround is among the most well-respected WordPress Managed Hosting providers. They provide exclusive in-house speed optimisation and security, making them one of the fully performed WordPress hosting companies. For WordPress Managed Hosting, SiteGround is designed to provide lightning-fast performance and impenetrable security.

  • Superfast Secure WordPress Website
  • FREE Automated Site Migration
  • Daily Backup
  • Amazing Performance
  • Managed Security and Updates
  • Awesome User Interface
  • Available 24*7


4: A2 Hosting:

A2 hosting is among the top under-the-radar web-hosting providers, meaning many people aren’t aware of it but they should be. They have a great money-back guarantee, excellent uptime, courteous customer support, plenty of security features, and amazing performance. Additionally, they are concerned about environmental matters. 

For the past few years, A2 Hosting has constantly provided high performance speed. Additionally, they have enhanced server uptime, which would be now quite reliable. A FREE SSL certificate and a free site migration are included with all of their WordPress Managed Hosting plans. 

Even though the cost of hosting could be somewhat higher due to the extra features and perks, you are receiving premium hosting of the highest caliber with a 99.9% uptime and special phone assistance available around-the-clock, 24*7.

  • Up to 20x Lightning Fast
  • Automatic Onsite Backups
  • Get Free Jetpack License
  • Pre-Configured A2 Optimized Plugins
  • 24*7*365 Guru Crew Support


5: Dreamhost:

DreamHost is an outstanding web hosting service provider for most website owners seeking great performance and rapid adaptation at a low cost. Dreamhost is designed just for WordPress. 

For the last 20 years, they have hosted more than 1.5 million WordPress websites and blogs. DreamHost provides an excellent beginning point for ambitious website owners. Their hosting includes an intuitive user experience and adaptable features to meet the requirements of beginners. They provide constant assistance, frequent updates, and useful information. 

Dreamhost is an employee-owned business that places special emphasis on helping its customers succeed online. DreamHost began its green hosting journey by deliberately lowering its environmental effect with optimized facilities and policies that place respect for natural resources at the center of what we’re doing.

  • Lightning Speed
  • Built-in Caching 
  • 1-Click Stagging
  • Automatic Backups
  • Free WordPress Migration 
  • 24/7/365 Expert WordPress Support


How To Choose The Ideal WordPress Managed Hosting Provider For Your Website?

WordPress is a cutting-edge platform with helpful features, such as themes and plugins to support the creation of professional websites.

However, WordPress websites may be challenging to manage because of their dynamic flexibility. WordPress websites are simple to set up, but maintaining them can be difficult if you lack network administration expertise.

For website owners with minimal technical expertise, WordPress Managed Hosting is helpful. Managed WordPress may be a savior when dealing with the essential tools, themes, plugins, and addons.

If you are familiar with WordPress Managed Hosting, you are aware that it may support you in resolving problems. In order to protect you from a possible breach, your website is secure against themes and plugin vulnerabilities.

WordPress Managed Hosting is excellent for anyone looking to develop a company website on the WordPress platform, notably eCommerce businesses and independent contractors.

While selecting a managed WordPress hosting, consider the following features:

  • Immediate solutions for security and performance
  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • WordPress-Specific hosting provider
  • No-cost website migration
  • Free malware cleanup
  • Automatic Backups
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • No or very little additional amount for traffic spikes

… and much more


Before selecting the best WordPress Managed Hosting provider, be sure to check internet recommendations and reviews to get a sense of customer feedback.

Do not wait for your website to crash or become unavailable on a shared server now that you are familiar with WordPress Managed Hosting. You run the risk of compromising your business to cybercriminals and suffering serious damages. One of the finest solutions for enhanced security is to choose the best WordPress Managed Hosting.


FAQs for WordPress Managed Hosting

We have assisted thousands of people over the years and have come across hosting-related queries one can primarily think of. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding WordPress Managed Hosting and their replies.


Q1: To launch my website, do I need WordPress Managed Hosting?

For those who want a premium hosting environment for WordPress, managed WP hosting is the best option. It features automated upgrades, knowledgeable WordPress speed optimization, and experienced WordPress support. Although this premium service often costs more, it provides hassle-free WordPress hosting.

If money is a problem, check out our tutorial on the best WordPress Managed Hosting provider like Bluehost, which costs you nearly $2.75 a month and includes a free domain. If you require managed WordPress hosting in the future, you can always upgrade your website.


Q2: Can I manually install plugins on WordPress Managed Hosting?

You can, indeed. With WordPress Managed Hosting, you can easily update, activate, and deactivate all of your plugins from the plugin section. You can still install WordPress plugins without restrictions. Certain plugins that are incompatible with their hosting environment can, however, be blocked by some hosting providers.


Q3: How much does it cost to develop a website using WordPress Managed Hosting?

Your website’s overall cost is determined by factoring in hosting packages, domain name registration fees, and SSL certificate fees. Your website’s growth will increase the expenditure on website maintenance. With breakdowns for various situations and suggestions on how to keep expenses under control, we have created a comprehensive guide on how much it costs to develop a website.


Q4: I’ve already bought a domain. Is it compatible with WordPress Managed Hosting?

Yes, you can, indeed. Once your domain name is registered, you may connect it with any web hosting provider. You just need to update your domain’s DNS servers to direct it to your WordPress Managed Hosting provider. It would help to consider specific things before choosing any managed WordPress hosting provider. Check out our explanation on the Best WordPress Managed Hosting Providers. 



We believe that this post has enlightened you on the WordPress Managed Hosting. Check out our post on Top 10 Best WordPress Managed Hosting Providers if you’re curious about the reviews, pros, and cons, costs, features, etc associated with choosing a hosting provider. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any further questions.

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