What is an SSL Certificate?

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What Is An SSL Certificate? Everything You Need To Know About SSL

Are you searching for an approach to enhance the security of your website? A smart method to do it is via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). In this article, we will cover everything you need to know regarding SSL certificates. Like what SSL Certificate is, types of SSL Certificates, how it works, and plenty more.

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What Is SSL? And Why Is It Used?

SSL stands for the Secure Sockets Layer and is a technology that encrypts the data transmitted between two users’ web browsers and the website they are visiting. When SSL is utilized, all information that is sent back and forth between the two systems gets encrypted. This ensures that the data cannot be read even if it is stolen or intercepted by an unauthorized party.

SSL is a major security precaution for every website. It helps protect confidential details, such as credit card information, login details, and personal identification information, from being accessed by hackers, which is a great benefit of SSL.

Whenever users visit a website that supports SSL, their browsers will generally show a green lock symbol next to the URL to show that the connection is secured and safe to use. The website’s SSL certificate’s validity can also be checked by looking at the certificate’s information. In addition to this, it helps to ensure that the data that is sent back and forth between the user’s browser and the web server is not altered in any way.

If you want to add Free SSL to your website, there are some factors you need to do. You must first get an SSL certificate. Getting everything easy and smooth it can be accomplished using a website hosting business or a certificate authority. Then, you must install an SSL Certificate on your web server after being received.

After installing SSL on your server, you must set up your website to utilize it. This may be accomplished by modifying your website’s configuration settings. Once SSL is activated, users would be able to visit your website via HTTPS:// rather than HTTP. Adding SSL to your website is a fantastic method to increase overall security.


To sum up, an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate used to authenticate a website to a web browser. SSL is the industry-standard security protocol used to create an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser. SSL is used to secure sensitive data such as credit card details, credentials, and personal information from being accessed by other parties. This can be accomplished by encrypting the data. SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities (CAs). A CA is a responsible third party that provides the SSL certificate confirming the website’s trustworthiness.

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